Centennial Plaza Grand Opening in Gulfport 

It’s official! The Centennial Plaza is opening its doors for business. Tonight, the celebration was as grand as the transformation to the property.

After sitting vacant for many years, the old VA hospital is now transformed into the brand new Centennial Plaza. City Council President Rusty Walker said, “Of course, after Katrina we lost the VA, but that loss has been a huge gain for Gulfport. We’re so excited to have not only one hotel, but two hotels. We have the Grand Centennial. We have The Oasis which features a water park. We have the Blue Marlin Restaurant. We have a wedding chapel. We had the laws change for the wedding chapel. So there’s no waiting. Come on in and get married. The wedding chapel has a full kitchen. We have an event center. We have meeting space. The campus is just over 40 acres of gorgeous.”

The renovation project kicked off in March 2018 and thanks to a lot of hard work from many Gulfport city leaders as well as what many are calling a phenomenal construction crew led by Greg Stewart, Thursday night’s grand opening was every shade of gorgeous. Centennial Plaza Director of Sales Angie Dearman “We have an 80 x 80 tent. We have a huge entrance tent. Guests are going to be wowed and awed with the champagne, with Pops Brothers. We have great buffet, great items the Blue Marlin is going to showcase tonight. So the guests are super excited and you hear the fountain in the background? Whitney Houston, ‘I Will Always Love You’! How awesome is that?”

Centennial Plaza’s Marketing and Public Relations Director Tessy Lambert says this is only the beginning. “Up-and-coming, we have Adventures. That’s gonna be burgers, games, pizza and family fun. We’re expecting that to open before next season, around next season, summer time. Then also some exciting things we have coming to our property are our festivals. We have Chilling on the Gulf Coast Festival coming up. Lots of bands and fun things to do and then we have, of course, Cruisin’ The Coast, which I think is 75,000 guests approximately going to come through here and yeah lots of fun.”

Dearman says this wouldn’t be possible without a helping hand. “Tonight was truly the Coast coming together, ABC Rentals, Jamie Bates Photography. We have Blue Moon Productions, the band, all of them really discounted their rates and they all want to bring the city of Gulfport together and bring it back to the Coast.”